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An In-Depth Investigation into Amerisafe Moving Services Practices and Consumer Complaints

Table of Contents

Amerisafe Moving Services Investigation

 Nationwide Moving Services Inc., operating under the DBA name Amerisafe Moving Services has been in the industry for approximately four years. The company is located at 4731 W Atlantic Ave B14, Delray Beach, FL 33446. They can be contacted at 855-967-0102 or via email at

The USMPO is initiating an investigation into potential review manipulation, poor service, unethical sales practices, and possible identity changes by Amerisafe Moving Services.

Despite its stated mission, Amerisafe Moving Services has accumulated over 300 complaints in the past three years, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In this investigation, we will delve deeper into the nature of these reviews, the specific complaints from clients, and analyze potential review manipulation. We will also include a testimony from a recent client, sharing their experience with the company.

Better Business Bureo

Discrepancies in Online Reputation

We found it striking that Amerisafe Moving Services has significant discrepancies in their reputation ratings across various online platforms. On Consumer Affairs, the company has a rating of 2.4 stars with approximately 276 reviews. On Yelp, they have a rating of 1.1 stars with over 30 reviews. In stark contrast, on Trustpilot, Amerisafe Moving Services has over 300 reviews, almost all of which are positive, resulting in an average rating of 4.6 stars.

These discrepancies raise questions about the authenticity of the reviews, especially given the considerable differences in ratings between these platforms. This stark contrast suggests the possibility of review manipulation, particularly on Trustpilot, where the overwhelmingly positive feedback is inconsistent with the ratings observed on other sites. You can read more about investigating moving company reviews here.

Analysis of Trustpilot Reviews

To gain a deeper understanding of the potential review manipulation, we conducted a thorough analysis of the reviews on Trustpilot.

Frequency of Reviews: We applied filters to view the most recent reviews and noticed an unusual pattern in the frequency of postings. Multiple reviews were written on the same day, a scenario rarely seen even with larger companies like Allied or Mayflower. The high volume of reviews posted simultaneously is highly suspicious and indicates possible manipulation, as it is unlikely for a large number of customers to post reviews on the exact same day.

Reviewer Profiles: The second parameter we analyzed was the profile of the reviewers. We found that 95% of these reviews came from profiles that had only posted one review on the site. This is highly suspicious because individuals who take the time to leave reviews typically post reviews across various industries and services, indicating they are engaged in sharing their experiences regularly. The fact that the majority of reviewers have only posted once suggests that these profiles may have been created solely for the purpose of leaving positive reviews for Amerisafe Moving Services.

Composition of Reviews: The third parameter we examined was the composition of the reviews. Most of these reviews were remarkably similar in content, excessively positive, and lacked specific details. They did not mention any sales representatives or specific interactions with the company, maintaining a superficial and generic tone. This uniformity further supports the suspicion of review manipulation, as genuine reviews tend to vary in detail and personal experience.

These patterns of suspicious activity suggest that a significant number of the positive reviews on Trustpilot for Amerisafe Moving Services may have been manipulated to present a more favorable image of the company.

It is important to note that this investigation is intended solely for informational purposes. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the consumer to conduct their own research and draw their own conclusions. The USMPO is here to inform and assist consumers in making the best decisions. All information cited in this investigation is sourced from publicly accessible websites. The conclusions drawn from this investigation represent the journalist’s perspective, whose role is to inform and gather as much information as possible to support their viewpoint.

Possible Alteration of Yelp Profile

In our investigation, we discovered a significant discrepancy in the Yelp profile associated with Amerisafe Moving Services. While all reviews mention Amerisafe Moving Services, the Yelp profile itself is listed under a different company name, “America’s Moving Service,” with an address corresponding to Soda City Movers: 5317-A Bush River Rd, Columbia, SC 29212. The phone number on the Yelp profile, (803) 731-5110, also connects to Soda City Movers, and it is the same phone number listed on the website linked to the Yelp profile.

This indicates that the information on Yelp is incorrect and potentially manipulated to mislead consumers, making them believe that the reviews are for a different company. This misrepresentation could be a deliberate attempt to obscure Amerisafe Moving Services‘ true reputation and deceive potential customers.

In response to this issue, the USMPO has taken action by contacting Yelp to correct this error and has reached out to Soda City Movers to clarify the matter as soon as possible.

Recap of Negative Reviews

To highlight the weaknesses of Amerisafe Moving Services and warn potential consumers, we have compiled a summary of several negative reviews. These testimonials illustrate consistent issues with the company’s service and practices.

Darcie N. from San Francisco, CA – June 26, 2024: Darcie labels Amerisafe Moving Services as a scam, listing numerous grievances. She was misled by a representative named Robert about packing services and cancellation policies. Despite multiple attempts, she faced rude customer service, unfulfilled promises, and increased costs. Her review emphasizes deceitful practices and unprofessional communication.

Derina H. from Park City, UT – June 17, 2024: Derina advises against using Amerisafe Moving Services, having forfeited her $750 deposit due to a sudden price increase. She discovered that Amerisafe is a brokerage, not a local moving company as initially claimed. Her experience involved unprofessionalism, misleading information, and aggressive behavior from the company’s representatives.

Nancy M. from Panama City, FL – June 7, 2024: Nancy warns of Amerisafe’s deceptive practices, stating that the company operates as brokers, resulting in poor treatment and hidden fees. She encountered rude customer service and a lack of accountability. Nancy had to sleep on the floor due to unexpected payment demands and delays.

Alexis M. from Olympia, WA – March 2, 2024: Alexis describes Amerisafe Moving Services as a “complete scam.” She was quoted $13,000 initially, which later increased to $21,000 after her belongings were packed. The company outsourced the work to another provider, resulting in different contracts and pricing, leaving her feeling trapped and exploited.

Yvonne S. from Falls Church, VA – February 5, 2024: Yvonne’s experience began with a high estimate and poor customer service. The representative demanded a deposit immediately and hung up when she requested time to consider the offer. This interaction led her to doubt the company’s professionalism despite their high ratings.

Richard B. from Kansas City, MO – February 4, 2024: Richard experienced issues with Amerisafe’s inability to provide an accurate estimate for his move. Despite repeated attempts to communicate his needs, the company failed to accommodate, resulting in additional costs and frustration. He found the company dishonest and unreliable.

These reviews consistently highlight issues such as misleading quotes, poor communication, rude customer service, unexpected costs, and unprofessional behavior. They paint a concerning picture of Amerisafe Moving Services and underscore the importance of thorough research before engaging with this company.

Enhancing Consumer Awareness and Industry Standards

The USMPO’s investigation into Amerisafe Moving Services reveals significant concerns regarding potential review manipulation, misleading practices, and poor customer service. Through the analysis of reviews from various platforms and detailed customer testimonials, it is evident that consumers should exercise caution when considering Amerisafe Moving Services for their relocation needs.

The primary purpose of this article is to inform consumers and help improve the overall service quality within the moving industry. By highlighting these issues, we aim to push companies towards greater transparency, honesty, and professionalism in their operations.

To further assist consumers in making informed decisions, the USMPO offers a “Find a Carrier” tool on our website. This resource allows consumers to search for reputable moving companies, read verified reviews, and access important information to choose a reliable carrier. We encourage all consumers to utilize this tool to ensure they select a moving company that meets their expectations and standards.

Ultimately, our goal is to protect consumers and promote better practices within the moving industry. By bringing attention to these issues, we hope to drive positive change and ensure that all consumers have a safe and satisfactory moving experience.

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