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Relocation Assistants are for families, offices, and large corporations who need assistance relocating long distance.
A relocation assistants is a moving expert trained and certified by the USMPO, to organize and coordinate truck and crews. They are individually licensed and in charge of setting things up, and managing the entire relocation process as the designated point of contact.

Relocation assistants also work with you to protect and distribute payments to the movers so you don’t have to pay before the service is provided.
Have you ever wondered why companies like Amazon, Walmart, or the UPS are so efficient logistically? It’s because they use commercial freight trucks. The USMPO also utilizes commercial freight trucks and combines them with local crews at pickup and drop-off.
The USMPO assistants are in charge of coordinating the logistics, and being your dedicated point of contact throughout the process.
Traditional long distance moving companies typically pickup your stuff and load it into a warehouse. Since its not profitable for them to drive the distance with less than full truck, they either wait weeks to fill up the truck or sell the delivery portion of your job to the lowest bidder. Lots of loading and unloading, and this is how things get lost or damaged.

The USMPO offers multiple options depending on your budget and timeline. By utilizing commercial freight trucks and combining them with local crews at pickup and drop-off, your items are delivered in the most efficient and cost effective method. The USMPO assistants are in charge of coordinating the complete logistical process, and being your dedicated point of contact throughout.
The USMPO provides a secure and reliable way to ensure that the shipper is protected from scams, fraud, and unethical sales tactics throughout the moving process.

Payment should never be paid directly to the company that will also have the possession of your belongings and valuables. That leaves you without leverage. However, majority of service providers will not reserve space without a financial commitment.

The USMPO utilizes an intermediary escrow service that holds your payment and distributes it based on completion milestones throughout the move. This way, your payment is protected and the quality of your service is carried out throughout the entire move. The USMPO only certifies the confident carriers that are willing to get paid after their work is completed.

Since the money is in an escrow, it can easily be transferred to another service provider or back to your account. All reservations are fully refundable before services are rendered.
The USMPO is an independent trade organization created in response to the FMCSA’s request in improving cmv safety, identifying fraudulent moving companies and improving record keeping. Its purpose is to serve, protect, and educate consumers in the moving industry. The USMPO is a sovereign entity, separate from the DOT, FMCSA, and U.S. government.