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Investigative Report: Interstate Moving and Relocation Group (IMRG)

Avoid Interstate Moving & Relocation Group

Table of Contents

Intestate Moving and Relocation Group

The USMPO (US Moving Protection Organization) is currently investigating Interstate Moving and Relocation Group (IMRG) USDOT#3034100, a moving brokerage based in Boca Raton, Florida, for several concerning practices. These include:

Falsification of reviews and reputation: Questions arise regarding the legitimacy of some positive reviews for IMRG. A pattern of suspiciously glowing reviews, alongside a significant number of negative experiences, suggests potential manipulation of online reputation. This suspicious activity raises serious concerns about IMRG’s transparency and trustworthiness.

Poor service and consistent customer complaints: IMRG has received a significant number of complaints from customers regarding the quality of its services. These complaints allege issues such as damaged belongings, missed deadlines, and unprofessional behavior from moving crews.

Potential unethical sales practices: There are indications that IMRG may be engaging in deceptive or misleading sales tactics. This could include making false promises about the company’s services or pressuring customers into signing contracts without fully understanding the terms.

The USMPO takes consumer allegations very seriously and is conducting a thorough investigation into IMRG’s business practices. The USMPO is committed to protecting consumers from unfair and deceptive moving companies and will take appropriate action with the FMCSA and state attorney general if IMRG is found to have violated any laws or regulations. 

The USMPO’s reporting aids in preventing future incidents, thereby shielding other shippers from falling victim to similar schemes. Our intention is not to damage your reputation. Rather, implement measures to enhance the overall quality of your operations. If you have been a victim of moving fraud or deceptive practices of Interstate Moving and Relocation Group, please send an email to to document your case. 

As an independent consumer protection organization, the USMPO has limited power to enforce regulations. For additional support, you can:

File an official complaint with the Florida State Attorney General here.

File a complaint with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration here.

It is important to note that all information presented in this article has been obtained from publicly available sources on the internet. These sources will be cited throughout the article.

An Imbalance of Reviews by Interstate Moving and Relocation Group

Studies show that customers are much more likely to leave a negative review rather than positive praise. Positive service is an expectation, and negative customer service leaves consumers in shock and outrage, resulting in a heightened emotional response. With the various stress factors involved in interstate relocation,  customer tension is peaked before the mover even arrives. This makes it increasingly difficult for movers to build and sustain a positive reputation online. 

To offset negative reviews, many movers hire companies to fake and forge negative reviews as part of their marketing strategy.

Although most moving companies focus on providing customer service, a small percentage of deceptive movers take a less honest shortcut. That includes forging their own reviews, paying others to write reviews and, even posting negative reviews on competitors’ pages.

A clear indicator of fake reviews can be noticed when there is an imbalance. 5 star reviews are bought to balance the overall ratings that are anchored in the 1 star reviews. Additionally, the gap between negative and positive reviews raises a red flag, as most moving companies will have a mix of positive, intermedium, and negative reviews. An in-depth examination of various positive reviews left for Interstate Moving and Relocation Group (IMRG) across Google and revealed several interesting patterns:

  • Clustering of positive reviews: The dates of the positive reviews are clustered closely together. This pattern is unusual and suggests that the reviews may have been posted by a group of people working together rather than by individual customers.
Interstate Moving and Relocation Group


  • Similar review format: The positive reviews all follow a similar format, with a catchy headline and a body that highlights the movers’ positive qualities. This uniformity suggests that the reviews may have been written by a single person or a small group of people using a template.

  • Suspicious Review Gap: A major red flag is the complete absence of any reviews between 1-star and 5-stars. In the real world of moving companies, with their inherent complexities and potential for minor mishaps, it’s statistically improbable for a company to have a perfect record. This lack of mid-range ratings, combined with a page full of glowing 5-star reviews, strongly suggests review manipulation. A natural spread of reviews would include a mix of positive, neutral, and negative experiences, reflecting the diverse range of customer encounters. The unnatural concentration of solely 5-star praise raises concerns about the authenticity of these reviews. It’s more likely that negative experiences exist but are not reflected here, potentially due to the company’s strategy of encouraging an abundance of positive reviews.

  • Inflated Positivity: The near-universal positivity of the reviews is a cause for concern. While it’s possible IMRG is a flawless company, encountering only glowing reviews for a complex service like moving is statistically improbable. This imbalance, with a complete lack of mid-range experiences, suggests a strategy of leveraging an abundance of positive reviews to drown out any potential negativity. A more natural distribution would reflect the real-world mix of positive, neutral, and negative experiences customers encounter with moving companies. The overwhelming positivity raises questions about the authenticity of these reviews and the potential existence of unvoiced negative experiences.

It is important to note that these are just a selection of reviews and may not reflect the entire range of customer experiences with IMRG. The USMPO will continue its investigation to gather a more comprehensive picture.

Possible Manipulation of Reviews

Despite having countless negative reviews across multiple platforms, they are still able to maintain a decent rating on Google and Some customers however, as evident in the screenshots below, are calling them out…

This raises concerns that the positive reviews may not be entirely representative of real customer experiences. Further investigation into the legitimacy of these reviews is necessary to ensure transparency for potential customers.

Interstate Moving & Relocation Group

Interstate Moving and Relocation Group on

While a handful of positive reviews paint a rosy picture of Interstate Moving and Relocation Group (IMRG) on, a closer look at the negative reviews reveals a pattern of concerning issues. Here’s a breakdown of the problems highlighted by these customers:

  • Subcontracting and Miscommunication: Several reviewers mentioned being surprised to learn IMRG uses subcontractors for the actual move. This lack of transparency and potential communication gaps between IMRG and the subcontracted movers can lead to problems during the relocation process (Liming Brotcke, Patricia Stanley).
  • Bait-and-Switch Pricing: Multiple customers reported a significant increase in the final moving cost compared to the initial quote (Allison Melvin, Liming Brotcke). This bait-and-switch tactic can leave customers feeling trapped and pressured to pay more than they budgeted (Allison Melvin).
  • Unprofessional Movers: Reviews detail unprofessional behavior by movers, including holding belongings hostage for additional payments (Liming Brotcke, Erica Mullen), damaged items (Liming Brotcke, Erica Mullen), and failure to follow packing instructions (Liming Brotcke).
  • Poor Customer Service: Several customers reported difficulty reaching IMRG customer service or receiving unhelpful responses to their complaints (Liming Brotcke, Erica Mullen, Patricia Stanley). This lack of responsiveness can be extremely frustrating for customers facing moving-related problems.
  • Lost Belongings: Two reviewers reported missing belongings that were never recovered (Patricia Stanley, Erica Mullen). This is a significant concern, as it indicates a lack of proper inventory management and accountability on the part of the movers.

It’s important to note that these are just a few examples of the negative reviews on A more comprehensive analysis of online reviews and other consumer complaints would be necessary to get a complete picture of IMRG’s customer service record.

These negative reviews raise serious concerns about the reliability and professionalism of Interstate Moving and Relocation Group. Consumers considering using IMRG for their move should carefully weigh these potential risks and conduct further research before making a decision.

NOTE: Backed by customer reviews on Google and mymovingreviews.

Interstate Moving and Relocation Group review analysis continued...

By analyzing reviews on and information from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a complex picture of Interstate Moving and Relocation Group (IMRG) emerges. While some customers have had positive experiences, highlighting punctuality, clear communication, and a stress-free process, a significant number of negative reviews reveal serious issues that could raise doubts about IMRG’s reliability.

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Negative reviews detail issues such as the use of unprofessional subcontractors, lack of communication, unexpected cost increases, property damage, lost items, and poor customer service. These issues directly contradict the positive aspects mentioned in favorable reviews.

Interstate Moving and Relocation Group’s BBB profile reports 121 complaints closed in the last 3 years and 23 in the last 12 months, supporting the claims expressed in the negative reviews. While the company has responded to some complaints, the number and persistence of these concerns suggest that the problems are systemic and have not been adequately addressed. It is surprising that a company with such a high number of complaints can uphold a B rating on the consumer protection platform.

Our Investigation on Interstate Moving and Relocation Group Continues

To provide even more comprehensive information for decision-makers, this investigation will continue by analyzing the complaints of previous customers and other 3rd party review sources, such as Movebuddha, Yelp, Trust Pilot, BBB in more depth. We will specifically focus on the company’s responses to these complaints to identify patterns of negligence and service deficiencies. The findings from this deeper analysis will be presented in ongoing reports.

Based on the data of our consumer research, the U.S. Moving Protection Organization advises interstate shippers of household goods to look for a more reliable alternative.

The Bottom Line about Interstate Moving & Relocation Group:

 IMRG is a moving broker that does not own trucks, warehouses, or crews. Its carrier partnerships are unknown, meaning consumers will have no clue who is performing their move. The USMPO does not endorse IMRG because it is a moving broker. Furthermore, a disturbing trend of online complaints has emerged, with consumers reporting significantly higher costs than initially quoted, as well as experiencing delays and damage. These are not isolated incidents but a clear pattern that should raise serious concerns. Moving brokers carry the risk of inconsistency with the quality of service. Moreover, a moving broker does not assume any liability, which means if there is a problem, you will deal with the carrier directly.

Potential customers are advised to consider other moving options with a stronger track record of consistent service, customer satisfaction, and transparent business practices. It is important to read multiple reviews from different sources, compare prices, and obtain references before making a final decision. Shippers in need of long distance moving services can research company profiles on our list of verified carriers here.

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