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Reforming an Industry

The U.S. Moving Protection Organization (USMPO) is an independent non-profit dedicated to reforming the household goods moving industry. Recognizing the devastating impact of unethical business practices on countless individuals and families within this $80 billion industry, USMPO is committed to fostering a safe and ethical moving landscape. Our mission aligns with the increased need for regulation and enforcement by the FMCSA.

USMPO promotes fair and open markets, protecting the American public from unfair or deceptive business practices. Our multifaceted approach includes investigative journalism, consumer rights advocacy, ethical code enforcement, market research, data collection and analysis, public outreach, and providing tools and resources for shippers. We also emphasize consumer and business education to further our mission.

As a consumer protection organization, our primary role is to gather and analyze data that enhances the quality control and customer service of household goods operations. This data also assists the FMCSA in identifying patterns and promoting both consumer and CMV safety. 

How you can Support

While optimizing the customer experience, our efforts also play a vital role in creating a fair marketplace with lowered operational costs for the legitimate moving industry.

In recent years, the legitimate moving industry has faced significant challenges, including unfair competition, rising operational costs, and nightmare stories that have negatively skewed public perception. The lack of stringent enforcement by governing authorities has exacerbated these issues, resulting in adverse effects on numerous small businesses and consumers. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the U.S. Moving Protection Organization (USMPO) has taken a proactive stance by leading an initiative to address these concerns. However, our efforts require the collaboration and support of fellow organizations and legitimate movers. By uniting our resources and expertise, we can collectively work towards preserving the integrity and reputation of our industry. We are calling on the support of the legitimate movers, trade organizations, sponsors, donors, and victims of moving fraud to support our mission. 

Suggestions, feedback, questions? We encourage you to reach out. Fill out the form below to get in touch with us. 

Quick Answers

A trade organization that serves and protects consumers transporting household goods across state lines. Their efforts are carried out by connecting shippers with a certified network of household good carriers, more commonly referred to as long distance moving companies.

 To develop a universal moving process that optimizes route efficiency, eliminates fraudulent moving companies, and protects consumers engaged in the interstate shipping of household goods. 

USMPO is an independent trade organization created in response to the FMCSA’s request in improving cmv safety, identifying fraudulent moving companies and improving record keeping. Its purpose is to serve, protect, and educate consumers in the moving industry. The USMPO is a sovereign entity, separate from the DOT, FMCSA, and US Government.

We have created a list of verified movers and created company profiles that can assist shippers in making a safe and informed decision. The USMPO is not responsible for your mover of choice. Our role is to audit, investigate, and verify moving companies. 

The USMPO is not a moving company. The USMPO is neither a carrier nor broker of household goods. The United States Moving Protection Organization (USMPO) is a trade organization that serves and protects consumers transporting household goods across state lines. Their efforts are carried out by auditing movers and gathering feedback.

You can contact the USMPO by simply filling out the form to the left, or emailing us at For an expedited response, use the chat widget on the bottom right to connect with an available representative.

The USMPO is on standby to answer any questions in regards to your interstate move. We have developed a verified database of movers with company profiles to give you confidence when selecting a mover. It is not advised to submit your information to multiple websites, as this may put you at risk for a high volume of solicitations. Browse through our site to find tools and resources to assist you in making an informed decision. 

The U.S. Moving Protection Organization is headquartered in Washington, DC, with remote agents serving 48 states throughout the country.