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Investigative Report: Safe Ship Moving Services

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The US Moving Protection Organization (USMPO) is again warning consumers about a moving company with a troubling pattern of complaints. This time, the focus is on Safe Ship Moving Services LLC (Safe Ship). We’ve received numerous reports detailing deceptive practices, bait-and-switch tactics, and a general disregard for customer satisfaction.

Lowball Quotes and Last-Minute Price Hikes

A consistent theme in consumer complaints involves Safe Ship Moving Services misleading estimates. Customers like Wael A. (Austin, TX) report initially reasonable quotes that are doubled just days before the move. Leonard B. (Detroit, MI) describes a “quality assurance team” that swoops in at the last minute, demanding more money for alleged space requirements. This creates a difficult situation, as many customers have already paid deposits and face limited options when Safe Ship significantly inflates the final cost. Read More 

Examples of Deceptive Estimates:

Wael A. (Austin, TX): “Safe Ship Moving Services gave a reasonable quote, then 3 days before the move they doubled it. They clearly are used to do this to people.” Link to Review

Leonard B. (Detroit, MI): “They will change the pricing on you at the last minute! They are liars! Their quality assurance team reaches out to you at the last minute to increase the price. They will tell you more space is required. Bull S***!” Link to Review

Safe Ship Moving Services Unethical Broker Practices

Several complaints highlight Safe Ship’s role as a broker, subcontracting moves to other companies. This can be problematic, as Luke J. (Chapel Hill, NC) discovered. He details pushy sales tactics and inaccurate estimates, with his initial quote ballooning from $8,000 to $17,000! Luke criticizes their full-packing service, suggesting they prioritize filling the truck over careful packing. Read More About Unethical Broker Practices

Issues with Safe Ship Moving Services as a Broker:

Luke J. (Chapel Hill, NC): “They are a broker/middleman who lowball a quote to win business. Pushy salesmen who claim last shipments are happening so get in quick! Requested full furniture measurements during a ‘quality call’ only for the total shipment to move from 800 cubic ft to over 2,100 cubic ft. This meant our quote moved from $8-10k upwards to $17k!! Waste of time.” Link to Review

Clay H. (Montara, CA): “We were ripped off by Safe Ship Moving Services for almost $7,000. We paid money up front for our move and when it came time for our move, Safe Ship Moving Services, LLC cancelled our move and refused to refund our money to us.” (Note: Clay’s experience highlights the additional risk of using a broker, as they may not be financially responsible if the subcontracted mover fails to perform.) Link to Review

Damaged Goods and Poor Customer Service

Disappointingly, reports of damaged belongings are also common. Sandra S. (Pittsburgh, PA) describes inferior movers hired by Safe Ship Moving Services who destroyed her furniture. Her attempts to recoup compensation were met with frustration and a meager offer. Jocelyn V. (Augusta, GA) details similar experiences, including unresponsive customer service representatives and broken promises regarding delivery times.

Examples of Damaged Goods and Poor Service:

Sandra S. (Pittsburgh, PA): “They increase your original quote thousands of dollars before final move to destination. They hire inferior movers who destroyed our furniture and were extremely rude. It took me 6 months to try to get reimbursement for some of the cost… Sandra concludes by saying, “We would of been better renting a truck and paying people to help then go with Safe Ship Moving Services.” Link to Review

Jocelyn V. (Augusta, GA): “They do increase the price just before the move… They promised us immediate delivery and then nonchalantly explained that it could be 21 days. Jacob will work hard to get your business but then won’t even respond later… My son and I both tried to contact him and he placed us on hold and would not pick up. The customer service reps will only tell you there is nothing they can do about it.” Link to Review

Beyond Moving: A Pattern of Disrespect

Disturbingly, negative experiences extend beyond the moving process itself. Customers like Nicole G. (Raleigh, NC) and Jacqueline G. (Washington, DC) report unprofessional and rude treatment at Safe Ship Moving Services mailbox and shipping store location. These incidents suggest a company culture that prioritizes profit over customer service. Read More

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Examples of Negative Experiences at Safe Ship Moving Service’s Retail Location:

Nicole G. (Raleigh, NC): “This location doesn’t even deserve a single star rating. We rented a mailbox from them for several years. However, they started withholding our business checks and wouldn’t release them. When my husband confronted the owner about missing mail, he received a dismissive response: ‘I know what a check looks like.’ This implies the owner might be aware of the missing mail issue but isn’t taking any responsibility to resolve it.” Link to Review

A Pattern of Problematic Practices

These stories paint a concerning picture of Safe Ships Moving Services operations. Here’s a clear breakdown of why consumers should be wary:

  • Deceptive Estimates: Lowball quotes that balloon with hidden fees.
  • Poor Communication: Unprofessional movers and unresponsive customer service.
  • Damaged Belongings: Mishandling of goods resulting in broken and lost items.
  • Unethical Claims Handling: Difficulty obtaining compensation for damaged items.
  • Delays and Inconvenience: Late movers and extended wait times for deliveries.

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