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Universal Moving Protocol

Step 1. Determine Your Rate

Relocation Assistance: To start your long-distance relocation process, it is crucial to know what you should expect to pay. The USMPO offers standardized rates that are based on current labor rates, fuel prices, tolls, and market availability.

Determine Your Rate

Step 2. Post your Move

Posting your move on the Relocation Assistance USMPO member board dispatches carriers already on route to your destination to connect. This gives shippers the most efficient and reliable option for relocating their household goods. Posting your move also registers your shipment, which tracks, protects, and ensures carrier progress throughout your move.

Post Your Move

Step 3. Select Your Carrier

Once posted, the USMPO database connects shippers with available carrier options. The USMPO can also reserve the carrier's availability for up to 24 hours on the shipper's behalf. Note that the reservation is not a confirmation.

select your carrier

Step 4. Deposit Funds into Escrow

All USMPO member carriers use an escrow to collect payment for your move. To confirm your move on the carrier's dispatch calendar, a good faith deposit of the standardized pricing is held (base rate x desired cubic feet) in the carrier's escrow provider. Carriers will have their selected escrow provider displayed when matched* Payment holds in the escrow can be transferred to any USMPO-verified carrier and can be reversed upon request.

Deposite Funds Into Escrow

Step 5. Receive Carrier Confirmation

Once funds are in escrow, the carrier will receive confirmation of your commitment and availability of funds. The carrier will then call you to confirm inventory and send a service agreement for your signature. This process reserves the space while protecting you from potential moving discrepancies.

Receive Carrier Confirmation

Additional, Post Reservation Steps:

Step 6. Pre-Move Inspection

Before your move, a representative from the carrier company will conduct a pre-move inspection of your belongings to assess the size of your move and any special requirements. This will help ensure that the carrier has the right equipment and personnel to handle your move and prevent any surprises on moving day.

Step 7. Moving Day Preparation

On moving day, be sure to prepare your belongings for transport by properly packing fragile items, disassembling furniture, and labeling boxes with their contents and the room they belong to. This will help the carrier load and unload your belongings efficiently and prevent damage during transport.

Step 8. Delivery Window and Acceptance

Once your belongings are loaded onto the carrier's truck, you'll be given an estimated delivery window. Be sure to be available during this time and inspect your belongings upon delivery. If any items are missing or damaged, note them on the delivery receipt and contact the carrier immediately to file a claim.

Step 9.Post-Move Follow-Up

After your move, the USMPO may contact you for feedback on your moving experience. This information will be used to improve the moving process and ensure that future customers have a positive experience.

The Universal Moving Protocol is designed to make your long-distance move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Trust in the USMPO’s standardized rates, verified carriers, and thorough inspection process to ensure the safety and security of your belongings.