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Relocate with confidence. The U.S. Moving Protection Organization offers free resources and tools to help prepare for your long distance move and to protect yourself from moving fraud.

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The U.S Moving Protection Organization audits, verifies, and investigates interstate moving companies. In order to uphold the USMPO’s code of ethics,  carriers must maintain a certain set of customer service standards and are rated based on 5 quality control metrics. Click on your state below to find a long distance moving that is authorized and verified for reliable service. Please note, the USMPO is not a broker of moving services and does not work with brokers. The USMPO is a non-profit, neutral organization, and does not require a fee to assist you with moving services.

Strategic Plan 2024 - 2029

Access the strategic framework of our organization. The core of our plan reflects our organization’s main functions: to protect the public from deceptive business practices; assist the FMCSA in collecting and documenting data identifying fraudulent moving companies; to pursue research and analysis to enhance CMV safety; and to optimize the customer experience within the HHG moving industry.


Steps to an Optimized Long Distance Moving Experience



The USMPO has developed a set of tools and protocols to optimize the efficiency of HHG transportation. By holding movers accountable to fair pricing and a code of ethics, it works to minimize deceptive practices within the moving industry. The USMPO also works to implement a standardized sales process that eliminates human error, miscommunication, inaccurate inventories and low-ball pricing. 



The USMPO investigates, interviews, verifies, and regularly audits carriers to ensure the accordance of best practices and ethical customer service procedures. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Department of Transportation licenses thousands of carriers each year. The USMPO’s duty is to condense their list by exposing bad performers and highlighting top performing long distance movers.



Verification alone is not enough without investigation and enforcement. With over 7,000 licensed movers in the FMCSA’s mover database, its a challenge to regulate each company for ethical service. The USMPO interviews customers, investigates fraudulent movers, and creates awareness for the greater good of the industry.  Our intention is to help customers make an informed decision.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Before moving your household goods interstate, movers are required to give you the Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move booklet and FMCSA's Ready to Move brochure to help you understand the documents that a mover will ask you to sign, and explains your rights if your household goods are lost or damaged during a long distance move.



Our Commitment to Improving Relocation...

...To Shippers

We are committed to eliminating deceptive practices and increasing the overall customer experience in the moving industry. Improving the accuracy of pricing, reduce moving costs, and minimize the risk of lost items and delayed shipments.

...To Industry

We are dedicated to improving the safety and logistical efficiency of the interstate moving industry. We are building a resilient and sustainable household goods (HHG) transportation network that serves the needs of consumers, we safeguards the communities and interests of the public.

...To Movers

We are committed to creating a logistically optimized transportation ecosystem that contributes positively to ethical movers in the industry. By eliminating unethical brokers and rogue movers, verified carriers will reap the benefits of a fair marketplace and reduced operational costs.

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