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Steps to an Optimized Transportation Network Improve Safety



The USMPO has developed a set of tools and protocols to optimize the efficiency of HHG transportation. By centralizing a dispatch database, less shipments are left in warehouses, and more shipments are on the road. The USMPO has standardized moving rates. It is the shippers responsibility to know their base. If you know the rate, you’re protected from getting underquoted and overcharged.



The USMPO verifies and regularly audits carriers to ensure the accordance of best practices and ethical customer service procedures. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Department of Transportation licenses thousands of carriers each year. The USMPO’s duty is to condense their list by eliminating bad performers and certifying top service providers.



Verification alone is not enough without continued regulation. With over 7,000 licensed movers in the FMCSA database, its hard to regulate each company for its ethics. In response to the FMCSA’s request, we are narrowing their list to highlight the companies that are proven to provide ethical business practices and have no records of unjustified price increases or fraudulent complaints.


Our Commitment...

...To Shippers

Improve timing, reduce moving costs, and mitigate the risk of lost items and delayed shipments

...To Industry

We are dedicated to improving the safety and logistical efficiency of the moving industry by building a resilient and sustainable household goods (HHG) transportation system that serves the needs of consumers and also safeguards the communities it touches.

...To Movers

Create a logistically optimized transportation ecosystem that contributes positively to the well-being of individuals and communities alike
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Quick Answers

A trade organization that serves and protects consumers transporting household goods across state lines. Their efforts are carried out by connecting shippers with a certified network of household good carriers, more commonly referred to as long distance moving companies.

 To develop a universal moving process that optimizes route efficiency, eliminates fraudulent moving companies, and protects consumers engaged in the interstate shipping of household goods. 

USMPO is an independent trade organization created in response to the FMCSA’s request in improving cmv safety, identifying fraudulent moving companies and improving record keeping. Its purpose is to serve, protect, and educate consumers in the moving industry. The USMPO is a sovereign entity, separate from the DOT, FMCSA, and US Government.

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The USMPO is not a moving company. The USMPO is neither a carrier nor broker of household goods. The United States Moving Protection Organization (USMPO) is a trade organization that serves and protects consumers transporting household goods across state lines. Their efforts are carried out by auditing movers and gathering logistics data.

You can contact the USMPO by simply filling out the form to the left, or emailing us at support@usmpo.org. For an expedited response, use the chat widget on the bottom right to connect with an available representative.

The USMPO is on standby to answer any questions in regards to your interstate move. We have developed an audited database of movers and standardized rates in efforts to provide consumers price transparency and assistance in determining the true cost of the loading, handling, and transportation of your items.

The U.S. Moving Protection Organization is headquartered in Washington, DC, with remote agents serving 48 states throughout the country.