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Let’s Advocate for Fair Practices in Moving.

Fair Moving Practices

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The moving industry’s long-tainted reputation is now at a critical juncture. The severity of the issue is underscored by the data from the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration): complaints have skyrocketed, tripling from 2021 to 2023, with a significant chunk originating from moving brokers in Florida. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of South Florida has been overwhelmed with over 1.5 million inquiries and more than 5,900 complaints against moving companies, painting a stark picture of the industry’s state.  

The issue of rogue moving companies is not new, but what’s concerning is the lack of substantial action to curb this problem. The situation is further complicated by the entry of large marketing companies, who exploit a multi-billion dollar industry with their financial clout and extensive reach. This not only distorts the competition but also exacerbates the existing problem. 

Safeship- moving

Are marketing companies fueling the problem?

To grasp the severity of the situation, consider this: in 2015, the average cost for a moving company to purchase leads was a modest $20-$25 per lead. Today, these marketing companies have driven the average lead cost to $165-$225 per lead, leaving little room for an honest moving company to thrive. This, coupled with the promotion of moving brokers as the nation’s best moving companies, is an apparent injustice in the industry that needs to be rectified. 

As part of my comprehensive investigation, I reached out to the key players,,, and, to gain insights into their ranking system; I am currently awaiting their response. Based on their marketing strategies, it seems they are attempting to monopolize the space while driving quality-moving companies out of business.

What happened when we requested moving quotes?

I took some time and requested moving quotes from each company they promote. Unsurprisingly, not one “moving company” owned a truck, did not reveal who would be making my move, and tried using pressure tactics to get me to place a deposit. It was a complete debacle of unprofessionalism and a clear indication that these marketing companies are misleading the general public. 

Additionally, the moving brokers who contacted me did not accept credit cards as a payment option and requested an ACH payment. As a consumer, you should be aware that you have no recourse with an ACH payment, which means if you cancel your move, they can keep your money and not have to worry about a chargeback going against them. 


Who are the moving companies they promote?

Let’s dive deeper into the moving brokers they claim are the “best movers” in the country. Across each vertical, they list the number one rated moving company as Safe Ship Moving Services. Not only is Safe Ship Moving Services not a moving company, but they have also racked up an overwhelming 273 complaints with the Better Business Bureau and have only been in business for a couple of years. Additionally, they have an alert on their BBB page that reads the following: 

"It has come to BBB's attention that the business is allegedly requesting that customers withdraw the text of complaints or customer reviews posted on the BBB website as a condition of resolving the issues. Consent to post the text of a complaint or customer review is solely at the discretion of the customer. The business may only choose whether to have its response to the complaint posted or not."

We’re just scratching the surface. A quick Google search will reveal hundreds of customer complaints claiming they were offered a low price and forced to pay additional upon pickup. There are YouTube videos and Reddit posts about customer experiences with Safe Ship. 

Safe Ship Moving is the number one rated “moving company” on all of these sites, but all companies they market as “movers” are the same. The story’s moral is that marketing companies make profits off the backs of unscrupulous moving brokers and are deceiving the general public.

general public

How do we stop this from happening?

The moving industry has reached a tipping point and is coming together to seek change. We’ve climbed the ladder and are advocating for change through the American Trucking Association (ATA), which has the power to combat shady marketing tactics and moving brokers who falsely advertise themselves as moving companies. This is not a battle we fight alone, but a collective effort to restore integrity in our industry. 

We’re also launching a petition on to gather signatures from customers who have been misled by,, and This petition aims to bring these issues to the attention of the authorities and the public. Additionally, we’re collecting signatures from moving companies that have experienced significant financial loss due to these marketing tactics. 

We’re confident that with our collective efforts, this issue will be brought to light and receive the attention it rightfully deserves. Change is on the horizon, and we’re determined to make it happen. 

Keep us in the loop

If you or someone you know has been affected by the marketing companies listed or any of the moving brokers listed on their website, please ensure to contact us to file a complaint with the FMSCA and the ATA. In addition, make online complaints and share this point on social media platforms. 

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