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Certified Sellers By USMPO: A Booking Agent You Can Trust

Certified Sellers By USMPO: A Booking Agent You Can Trust-USMPO

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To create an enjoyable relocation experience, the US Moving Protection Organization (USMPO) is offering booking agency services to its certified carriers. This initiative ensures both shippers and carriers have a trustworthy experience when booking moving services through USMPO-certified sellers; by outsourcing sales processes with these experts trained by USMPO they can increase bookings while simultaneously decreasing discrepancies and optimizing operational efficiency.

Carriers Eligibility

Carriers must meet certain eligibility criteria to join the USMPO certification program. Such as using standard moving rates for long-distance moves and approved volume measurements for inventory purposes. Furthermore, carriers must maintain at least a B rating with the Better Business Bureau, have active Yelp and Google Business accounts with at least 4 stars on both Yelp and Google, and demonstrate a history of ethical service delivery with at least four-star ratings on each platform. All carriers must also possess active licenses, bonds, and insurance through FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

USMPO-certified sellers ensure high-quality nationwide service by adhering to these requirements and meeting USMPO’s standard booking protocol for nationwide shipping services. By doing so, they protect both carriers and consumers alike when engaging in interstate household goods shipping.

According to USMPO’s first-party data, approximately 90% of move-day discrepancies, are disputes. And chargebacks stem from human error or miscommunication among commission-based sales representatives. By outsourcing their sales process to certified sellers from USMPO’s certified seller’s program. Businesses can mitigate risk while protecting both their reputation and profits from potential damage. USMPO-certified sellers prioritize following standard protocols to guarantee jobs are booked with accurate rates, inventories, and no shortcuts that compromise quality service delivery.

Primary Advantages

One of the primary advantages of working with USMPO-certified sellers is their commitment to customer experience. They manage leads and calls in real-time, offering expert guidance throughout the booking process and strengthening customer’s relocation experiences with this dedicated approach that yields an increased return on investment (ROI) while strengthening relocation assistant experiences.

Certified sellers by USMPO align businesses with an organization that stands for ethics. And customer protection, by participating in its universal moving process, companies contribute to optimizing route efficiency, eliminating fraudulent moving companies, safeguarding consumers from fraudulence, and improving consumer protection. This network of movers comes together under standard operating procedures such as rates, volume, and customer service. To advance and optimize the moving industry as a whole.


USMPO-certified sellers provide businesses with a reliable and trustworthy booking agency service that helps streamline the moving process. By outsourcing sales processes to experts trained by USMPO, they can increase bookings while simultaneously decreasing discrepancies and optimizing operational efficiencies. Furthermore, choosing certified sellers aligns companies with an organization. Dedicated to ethics and customer protection – helping build both their brand reputation and profits.

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