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How to Save Money on a Long Distance Move

save money on moving

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Relocating to a new state can be a significant financial and emotional undertaking. Amidst the myriad of challenges, selecting a mover accredited by the US Moving Protection Organization (USMPO) provides invaluable protection. However, beyond this, a crucial step to save money on a long distance move involves meticulous inventory verification. You can get started with uploading your inventory here.

The Truth About Quotes and Estimates

When moving companies present a “quote” or an “estimate,” it is essential to recognize that these figures are often fluid. In reality, the initial quoted amount can escalate by 10% to 50% during the course of the move. Regrettably, a quote for moving services often serves as a lure β€” a tantalizingly low figure designed to entice prospective customers. The contract subsequently becomes the hook, and unwitting customers often succumb to the allure of the cheapest quote, unwittingly setting themselves up for future complications. Make sure to verify the accuracy of the inventory yourself, or with the guidance of a USMPO moving coordinator, to save money on a long distance move.

This scenario unfolds frequently: a moving broker conducts a swift inventory assessment over the phone, hastily furnishes a “binding estimate,” suggesting limited availability. The customer, seeking to secure the service, obliges by signing and paying a reservation deposit. However, come moving day, the inventory drastically deviates from the expected assessment, allowing the mover to revise the previously agreed price.

Importantly, a “binding estimate” becomes null and void if the inventory proves inaccurate. This oversight provides the mover legal grounds to introduce a new contract. The unfortunate revelation occurs only once the truck is laden with your belongings, leaving you to grapple with the shock of a substantially higher cost than initially anticipated β€” often exceeding the highest quote from the comparative options considered before making a decision.

At this juncture, the mover typically presents two choices: either accept the escalated cost or bear the expense of unloading the truck and essentially reverting to the starting point. This unsettling predicament exemplifies just one of the many unscrupulous tactics employed by movers to exploit the vulnerability of customers on moving day.

Our Intention is to Advise

Our intention is not to instill fear but to underscore the critical role of the US Moving Protection Organization in addressing these issues. The organization exists to inform and protect consumers, eradicate deceitful moving companies, and optimize the logistical framework of long-distance moves. For additional protection, check out the Federal Motor Carrier Administration website, and the Mover Rights and Responsibilities pdf.

One significant initiative by the USMPO to mitigate discrepancies and ensure precise inventories is the introduction of the moving folder. Regardless of whether you opt for a USMPO-affiliated mover or not, utilizing the moving folder allows you to input your inventory, which is subsequently validated by the USMPO for accuracy. This proactive step ensures that the chosen mover is held accountable for adhering to the information provided in the folder, backed by the protective umbrella of the USMPO.

Upon entering your itemized inventory into the folder, the certified carrier assigned to your move becomes responsible for conducting a quality assurance call and executing the move in alignment with the documented inventory, bolstered by the protective measures upheld by the USMPO. This additional wall of quality assurance will make sure your price wont fluctuate throughout the move. A proactive way to save money on a long distance move.

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