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How to Utilize the Find a Carrier Tool.

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The USMPO was founded in 2022 with the primary goal of highlighting and verifying moving companies recognized for their excellent service and work ethic. From its inception, the USMPO has certified only direct moving companies (carriers), excluding intermediaries (brokers).

Find a Carrier tool: Your Guide to Trustworthy Movers

Unfortunately, in the moving industry, many companies operate unethically, deceiving customers with false promises or discounts that are not fulfilled. This can lead to an unpleasant, expensive, and in some cases, even traumatic moving experience.

That is why the USMPO has developed the “Find a Carrier” tool, a free and easy-to-use tool that allows consumers to find reputable and reliable moving companies in their area.

The USMPO’s “Find a Carrier” tool simplifies your search for a trustworthy moving company. Before you even start browsing options, the tool has done the groundwork for you by pre-screening companies based on a set of strict criteria:

  • Verified and Audited: USMPO verifies and audits each company to ensure they meet high standards.
  • Top-Rated Reputation: Only companies with a proven track record of excellent service.
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured: Financial security is a must. You can be confident your belongings are protected.
  • Price Transparency: Quoted prices have been analyzed to minimize surprises on moving days.
  • Experienced Movers: USMPO selects companies with at least 5 years of experience in the moving industry.
  • Ethical Conduct: Companies must adhere to the US Moving Protection Organization Code of Ethics.
  • Government-Backed: Verification with the Department of Transportation or local government ensures legitimacy.

How to Use Find a Carrier Tool

By using “Find a Carrier,” you can be confident you’re starting your move with reputable companies that prioritize customer satisfaction and ethical practices. Here is the steps on how to use it:

Option 1: Submit a Lead for Carrier Contact

This method allows carriers to reach out to you providing you with quotes based on your moving needs.

  1. Visit the USMPO Website: Head over to the USMPO’s official website at
  2. Find the Tool: Once you’re on the USMPO website, locate the “Find a Carrier” tool. It is displayed prominently on the top right side of the homepage.
  3. Enter Your Moving Details: The tool will require some basic information about your move:
    • Origin and Destination Zip Codes: Enter the zip codes for both your starting location and your final destination.
    • Moving Date: Provide your estimated moving date. This helps companies understand your timeframe and provide accurate quotes.
    • Move Size: Select the option that best reflects the size of your move. This helps narrow down the search to companies equipped to handle your specific needs.
  4. Launch the Search: Once you’ve entered all the details, click the “Find a Mover” button.
  5. Request Carrier Contact: The tool will submit your information as a lead, allowing the carriers to contact you directly with quotes.

Option 2: Request Quotes Directly from Listed Carriers

This method allows you to quickly see a list of pre-vetted movers in your area and submit your information for immediate quotes.

  1. Visit the USMPO Website: Head over to the USMPO’s official website at
  2. Find the Tool: Look for the “Find a Carrier” tool. On the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. Select Your State: Once you locate the tool, you’ll likely see a map of the United States with all the states. Click on your state.
  4. View Carrier List: An automatic list of at least 10 USMPO-certified moving companies operating in your state should populate.
  5. Submit Your Information: Each company profile may display a “Request an Estimate” button. Clicking this will allow you to submit your move details directly to the chosen movers for immediate quote consideration.

Remember: No matter which option you choose, the USMPO prioritizes consumer protection. The “Find a Carrier” tool empowers you to make informed decisions by connecting you with pre-vetted, reputable moving companies. The ultimate choice rests with you, and the USMPO has no financial interest in promoting any particular company.

The Tool That Makes the Difference in Your Move

The USMPO is a dedicated organization committed to transforming the moving industry by empowering consumers with reliable information. We focus on highlighting and verifying direct moving companies (carriers) that consistently demonstrate exceptional service and work ethic. Unlike some services, we exclude intermediaries (brokers) to ensure transparency and direct communication.

Our passion lies in fundamentally changing the moving experience for the better. We envision a future where consumers feel confident and informed throughout the relocation process.

The “Find a Carrier” tool is a key component of our mission. This user-friendly platform allows you to easily search for USMPO-certified movers in your area. Each listed company has undergone a rigorous evaluation process, including in-depth investigations and interviews, to ensure they meet our high quality standards.

However, the decision of which moving company to choose ultimately rests with you. We understand the importance of individual needs and preferences. The USMPO doesn’t promote any specific company; our role is to provide you with the information and resources needed to make the best decision for your move.

In addition to the “Find a Carrier” tool, we offer live chat support to answer any questions you may have and help you navigate the selection process.

The moving industry shouldn’t be a source of anxiety or frustration. The USMPO recognizes the current lack of trust in the industry, and we are committed to raising the bar by providing transparency, information, and ultimately, a more positive and stress-free moving experience.

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