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There are thousands of trucks on the road every day. A lot of these trucks are returning from dropping off a load and driving empty. Which means that most of the time, there are trucks with available space already headed in your direction. In order to maximize their profitability, truck drivers do everything they can to have that space filled. The trick of getting a good price and efficient delivery is finding the truck with empty space. Think of it like carpooling. And that’s exactly what a USMPO relocation assistant, or the virtual assistant tool can do for you. You can find a truck with available space here. Without a doubt, your cheapest and fastest option for long distance moving. Even more than renting a truck and doing it yourself. In this article, we explore why professional moving assistance for long distance relocations is an economical choice. We also demonstrate why a reliable relocation partners can be more cost effective than doing the move yourself with a rental truck.

One of the key advantages of professional long distance moving assistance is time efficiency and convenience. Moving involves numerous logistical hurdles. Packing, loading, transportation, unpacking, unloading and unpacking – to name a few. Professional movers specialize in streamlining this process. Their efficiency will save you time and money. Their experience ensures a faster turn around so you can settle into your new home sooner!

Professional movers possess both the knowledge and equipment to safely manage long distance moves with extreme care and precision. Their expertise lies in packing delicate items, disassembling furniture, using proper lifting techniques to prevent damages, operating equipment, and furniture blankets to transport belongings safely without risk of accidents or breakages – relying on them can reduce potential damages which would be costly if attempted alone.

USMPO Relocation Assistance: The United States Moving Protection Organization (USMPO) is an industry leader when it comes to relocation assistance for long distance moves. Their relocation assistance connects individuals and families with certified carriers. These carriers meet rigorous quality and professionalism standards. So you can rest easy knowing your belongings will be safely transported, and you won’t be taken advantage of with surprise prices. By choosing USMPO services for long distance moving, individuals and families can relax knowing they will be handled by experienced professionals prioritizing safety above cost. Plus they have tools to help find carriers who already headed in your direction, offering the most competitive prices possible for their empty space.

USMPO Virtual Relocation Assistant Tool:

The USMPO is testing out a new tool to connect moving customers with empty space on trucks. Trucks identified to be already headed to your destination state. Once your required volume, move date, and route is calculated, the tool scans its database of certified carriers and alerts carriers with available space that are scheduled to pass through your destination. Think of it like carpooling, but for long distance moving. Since movers rather make something, rather than nothing, they are willing to sell that space at cost. This allows you to score the most affordable rate possible. Although the virtual assistance tool is still in beta, you can call the USMPO directly to manually dispatch and coordinate your move. The USMPO plans to have this tool fully functional in the tail end of 2023.

Cost Comparisons between Professional Movers and DIY

Contrary to popular belief, hiring professional movers and relocation assistance for long distance moves may actually be more cost-effective than taking the DIY approach. One such service is complimentary relocation assistance offered by a USMPO relocation assistant. In efforts to optimize the logistical efficiency of the moving industry, the USMPO is reinventing the relocation process by connecting household goods shippers with freight trucks to leverage their cheaper cost per mile and faster delivery speeds. The only catch is that these trucks do not comes with crews to load and unload, which is exactly where the relocation assistants come into play. Relocation assistants will dispatch your job to a certified freight truck, and organize the right size labor crew to pack, load, and unload your belongings. This method of unbundling the process can save you money, time, and headache. And although you could probably do it yourself, its recommended to delegate it to a professional relocation assistant who does it for a living.

There can be many hidden expenses involved with doing the move yourself. These expenses include packing supplies, hiring labor, lodging, food, as well as transportation expenses, or damages that can add up quickly when considering all factors of DIY moves; on the other hand professional moving companies provide all aspects of moving within an affordable budget.

Effective Packing and Organization

Precise packing and organization is essential to successfully moving long distance and save you from damages and lengthy claims processes. Professional movers have the skill to pack your items safely and strategically to maximize available space in the truck. Protect fragile items with cushioned packing material and labeled boxes, easing unpacking at your new residence. Their well-planned methods minimize risks of damage while shortening overall moving times – saving both money and time! Remember… If a truck has 1700 cubic feet of available space and you have 1700 cubic feet of furniture it will not fit. Always over-estimate and round up. As professional as a packer may be, there will still be gaps and spaces due to the irregularity of common household items. For maximum accuracy, pack boxes as organized and neatly as possible to maximize your space.

Insurance and Liability Coverage

Another advantage of using professional movers is their insurance and liability coverage options. Reputable moving companies usually provide coverage options to protect your belongings during transit. If an unexpected incident, such as accidents or theft arises, insurance can provide financial security. Avoid the financial burden for replacing or repairing any damaged items yourself. When moving alone this would leave you solely responsible for losses or damages sustained, possibly leading to significant expenses.

In conclusion

Long distance moving can be a confusing, costly endeavor. Some individuals may try handling all aspects themselves in order to save money. However, professional long distance moving services may prove more cost-effective and efficient. In this article we explored why professional long distance moving assistance from the USMPO is an economical choice. The key is all about finding the empty trucks, and that is our service to you. To learn more about how empty loads effect the transportation industry, read this article by Musanga Logistics.

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