From Humble Beginnings to Moving Giants

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The Rise of Major US Moving Companies


The moving industry in the US has experienced remarkable expansion over time, with numerous companies rising from humble beginnings to become industry titans. Many once started with limited resources and an idea, yet have since blossomed into major players in an otherwise competitive field of moving. We explore some inspiring stories of some of America’s leading moving companies who began as small operations with dedication, perseverance, and customer service at their core – such companies serve as prime examples to us all today!

United Van Lines: Relocating America In 1928, several moving companies joined together to form United Van Service and lay the groundwork for what would later become United Van Lines. Through strategic alliances and its vision to “connect a nation in motion”, the company expanded across America. Now one of the largest and most well-known moving companies specializing in both residential and corporate relocation services.

Mayflower Transit Has Been Transcending the Waves of Change

The origins of Mayflower Transit can be found as far back as 1920 when a group of carriers formed the Mayflower Cooperative to facilitate cross-country moves. Through perseverance during the Great Depression and dedication to excellence, they successfully navigated any difficulties they faced and ultimately established themselves as one of the leading names in moving services today.

North American Van Lines: Pioneer of Innovation

Established in Cleveland, Ohio during the 1930s, North American Van Lines started as a basic trucking company but quickly established itself as a pioneering innovator, employing advanced moving techniques and cutting-edge technologies in its daily business activities.

Allied Van Lines: Establishing an Influential Network mes Established as an alliance of local moving companies in the early 20th century, Allied Van Lines quickly expanded through shared resources and an established agent network across the US. Today it offers comprehensive moving services with exceptional customer care at its heart.

Atlas Van Lines‘ Road to Success

In 1948, 33 entrepreneurs pooled their resources together and established Atlas Van Lines.

Bekins Van Lines Has an Endearing Story Since 1894 when John and Martin Bekins established their moving company, Bekins Van Lines has maintained a proud legacy of excellence. Focused on providing superior service while meeting customers’ changing needs, Bekins quickly become one of the industry’s most reputable names.

U-Haul: Pioneer of DIY Moving

Leonard Shoen founded U-Haul with one goal in mind: providing affordable self-moving solutions to customers. The introduction of do-it-yourself moving trucks revolutionized the industry, giving individuals and families greater control of their relocations. Today, U-Haul stands as one of the largest and most innovative moving companies in America.


The success stories of America’s biggest moving companies serve as an inspiring testament to innovation, perseverance, and customer dedication. From humble beginnings, these moving giants overcame challenges by adopting technology and building robust networks; eventually becoming industry leaders themselves.

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