Relocation Industry a Journey of Discovery and Triumph

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Three years ago, I found myself at a crossroads. My daily routine had become monotonous, and businesses didn’t seem to take off. That’s when an old friend I’d met in Brazil 15 years ago reached out to me amid the initial chaos of COVID-19, in July 2020. He made a bold proposal: to venture into the relocation industry, a territory promising unimaginable wealth.

Easy money in the relocation industry.

At first, his words sounded too good to be true, but as I delved into the vision, I began to grasp the potential hidden behind it. We created multiple online businesses, invested in marketing strategies, and, in the blink of an eye, we were generating over $300,000 per month. Life became a whirlwind of luxury: high-end cars, getaways to exotic places, high-performance motorcycles, and everything money could buy. For a moment, I was a millionaire, and I believed I would never have to worry about working again.

However, that euphoria didn’t last. Our company grew at a breakneck pace, eventually handling more than 140 relocations per month. We lost control of service quality and transparency in sales. Over 22 salespeople made uncontrolled promises, and I soon realized that we were merely pursuing wealth without a clear purpose. True satisfaction wasn’t found in accumulating money but in contributing to society and seeking a deeper meaning. I understood that there are no definitive summits; there’s always more road to travel.

Big decisions in life

The time for a tough decision arrived. I abruptly closed the business, letting go of over 30 employees. I invested all my money in a new project, hoping to make a significant impact in the relocation industry. The reality was a painful blow: things didn’t go as planned, and my capital evaporated, leaving me bankrupt. Now, I live in a camper in the harsh desert of Baja California Sur, with a clear mission and a renewed focus.

The project to which I dedicated my heart and resources is called the “US Moving Protection Organization.” This new path led me to certify and work with the best in the industry, those who share values of integrity and ethics. We are determined to bring about change, to ensure our customers receive a service of quality and reliability.

To all readers, I say with affection: don’t give up when you seek to make a difference and contribute to the world. Doors will open for those who pursue positive change. This is my story, one of rediscovery and triumph on the journey of the relocation industry. The vision is clear: a universal and unique moving process, and we are moving in that direction. Today, we are the only booking agency in the United States.

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