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USMPO Can Assist People Moving Cross Country

USMPO Can Assist People Moving Cross Country

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Relocating cross-country can be daunting, but resources exist to make the experience simpler. One such resource is the United States Moving Protection Organization (USMPO). Established as a non-profit to protect consumers against moving fraud. USMPO provides various resources such as standardized moving rates, an interactive map where users can post their move so carriers heading in similar directions can match with them. Certified carrier directories, as well as consumer rights and responsibilities information. USMPO also provides free relocation assistance. Helping shippers navigate the Universal Moving Cross Country protocol and collect multiple quotes from licensed carriers.

Standardized Moving Rates

The USMPO Moving Rate Calculator allows consumers to transparently look up their moving rates to be informed when comparing moving quotes. It takes into account weight, distance, type of service desired and timeframe. Making this tool invaluable in helping find the most cost-effective deal on moving and avoiding bait and switch tactics from rogue moving companies.

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Complete Relocation Assistance Services Available

The USMPO provides free relocation assistance services that allow consumers to find long distance moving rates, post their move on the USMPO load board. Connect with carriers on similar routes, obtain multiple quotes and negotiate pricing. If there is an issue with a moving company, filing a complaint with USMPO allows you to reach out on their behalf and resolve it more easily. If you’re planning a cross-country move, I advise visiting the USMPO website to learn about their organization and services offered. Their experts can help save you money, make the most of your move experience, and protect against moving fraud.

Posting on the USMPO load board

As a shipper, posting your move on the USMPO load board allows you to essentially carpool. With certified USMPO truck drivers with available space already headed to your destination. This dispatch tool was initially created to help carriers maximize the empty space in their trucks. By utilizing this technology, you can guarantee yourself the most affordable pricing and fastest delivery because the truck is already scheduled to go to your destination. 

Escrow Services

The USMPO also offers escrow services through third party providers so you don’t have to pay the moving company directly. When you put all your items on a truck, and pay upfront…you are left without leverage, in a very vulnerable situation. The confident carriers that are certified through. The USMPO have agreed to accept payment through an escrow service, which distributes payments based on completion milestones. This revolutionary move is a game changer for shipper protection.

Tips for a Smooth Move

The USMPO website provides numerous tips to ensure a successful move, ranging from packing and unpacking tips to hiring a moving company. In addition, consumers can take advantage of resources offered. By USMPO such as their checklist of things they must do prior, during, and post move.

Information on Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

The USMPO website provides consumers with essential information regarding their rights and responsibilities when moving, such as how to file a complaint with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) should any issues arise with a moving company. Furthermore, USMPO also offers information on how to guard yourself against moving fraud.

Here are a few additional tips for cross-country moving:

Plan your move early to give yourself plenty of time for research, getting quotes, packing up belongings and unloading at destination. Get multiple moving quotes from different companies in order to find the most cost-effective deal on your move.

Be sure to read your moving contract thoroughly prior to signing it; this will protect you in case of any complications with your move. Insure your belongings for their full replacement cost value as this will provide protection in case of damage or loss during transit.

Be sure to pack any irreplaceable or valuable items yourself – this will ensure they arrive at their new home undamaged. Allow enough time for the move; things don’t always go according to plan so giving yourself enough time can ensure a successful experience.

Relocating across state lines can be both exhausting and exciting. By following these tips, the process can become less laborious and stressful.

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