Why Choose a USMPO Verified Mover?

The U.S Moving Protection Organization is the first and only moving industry resource that connects shippers with certified carriers using a self-service, online booking platform. Skip the sales commissions and broker fees, book online and save today.

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In an industry often plagued by pricing discrepancies, bait-and-switch estimates, and moving fraud, the U.S. Moving Protection Organization (USMPO) stands out as a beacon of reliability and accountability. Through its network of audited and verified moving carriers, USMPO ensures that customers receive the standard of service they deserve.

When it comes to choosing a moving company, many consumers rely on a simple Google search. However, without proper regulation, any moving company can appear in search results, making it easy for unscrupulous operators to deceive customers with fake reviews and low prices.

While customers typically compare multiple quotes before making a decision, they often opt for the cheapest option. Unfortunately, the cheapest quote upfront can turn out to be the most expensive one in the end. Shady sales tactics, such as bait-and-switch estimates and incomplete itemized inventories, can lead to unexpected costs on moving day. Even with a “binding estimate,” the final price is often subject to change based on overlooked items or additional services required.

This is where USMPO’s verification process shines. By comparing a random audit of quotes with the final price at delivery, USMPO ensures that its preferred carriers adhere to their initially quoted prices. Any movers found deviating from the original quote are immediately removed from USMPO’s network, providing customers with peace of mind and a guarantee of price integrity.

Of course, there are instances where customers legitimately add items on the day of the move. In such cases, these items are priced at the agreed-upon rate per cubic foot from the original quote. Choosing a USMPO verified mover ensures that you are protected from pricing discrepancies and have an organization backing you up to ensure a smooth moving experience.

At USMPO, we are committed to optimizing the moving industry and protecting customers from rogue movers and brokers. Don’t risk your valuable items with unreliable companies. Choose a USMPO verified mover for a stress-free and transparent moving experience.

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