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Your Guide to a Seamless Long-Distance Relocation

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Long-distance moving can be a difficult task involving many “moving parts”, no pun intended. It is filled with systematic logistical challenges, minimal regulation and antiquated technologies that have trickled down to the customer. Furthermore The USMPO has outlined a step by step procedure, coined as the Universal Moving Protocol, a comprehensive solution to address these issues and optimize the shipper’s experience. This article will explore the Universal Moving Protocol step-by-step, which outlines the best practices to ensure a successful long distance move.

Step 1: Find out Your rate

Transparency is important when it comes interstate moving costs. makes it simple to estimate the cost of moving. Calculate the cubic feet and multiply by the USMPO rate. You will now have a good idea of what the moving costs are. If you receive a quote that is significantly lower than this, it may be a sign of substandard service or hidden costs.

Step 2 : Post your move on the USMPO Load Board

In addition provides access to a network of USMPO certified carriers via their load board. You can find carriers already on their way to your destination by posting your shipment onto the load board. You can dispatch your move yourself, which will result in quicker deliveries and lower prices. The load board can streamline your logistics.

Step 3: Choose a USMPO Certified Carrier

The USMPO database will categorize carriers once your move has been posted on the board based on compatibility with the route, rating, and space available. You can reserve a carrier’s services if they are available and align with your route. If no carriers are available at the moment, you may receive email offers later. USMPO certified carriers guarantee reliability, professionalism and compliance with industry standards.

Step 4: Use an Escrow Service

It can be risky to pay cash up front and trust your belongings with a moving company. has escrow services that hold and pay carriers according to the completion of the move and customer satisfaction. The escrow service will protect you against potential overcharging the day of your move. Contact a USMPO representative to learn how their escrow service works and how it can facilitate secure payments to approved carriers.

Optimizing Industry Efficiency and Customer Service is committed to improving efficiency and customer service in the industry. The company offers free tracking, coordination and auditing for all reservations already made by household goods shippers. Contact the USMPO for relocation assistance and resources to protect your move. 

Conclusion’s Universal Moving Protocol provides a road map for a seamless relocation. You can expect to receive faster deliveries, better customer service and lower prices if you follow these steps. Use the USMPO’s load board to maximize your moving experience. You can also take advantage of certified carriers, escrow service, and industry support.

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