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“Inside the USMPO: A Conversation with Top Carriers Allied Van Lines and North American Van Lines”

Top Carriers

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Host (as a member of USMPO): Hello all! Welcome to this special interview hosted by US Moving Protection Organization (USMPO). I am honored that two illustrious guests from two major moving companies, Leslie Bertoli of Allied Van Lines and Kevin Murphy of North American Van Lines, will join me virtually today. It is an honour for me personally as an active member of USMPO to have such opportunity of conversing with such esteemed professionals from such iconic organizations in our industry! Host: Hello all! Welcome! As an active member myself of USMPO I myself look forward to speaking with these esteemed professionals from two of America’s premier moving companies today –

Did you know that moving is one of life’s most emotionally taxing experiences? Well it is! And as I prepare to send off my daughters to college this fall, it has certainly proven true for me and my family. Therefore I have decided to hire professionals to assist us through this arduous transition period in our lives.

Leslie, let’s begin our discussion of Samantha’s move to University of Florida Gainesville by discussing your company, Allied Van Lines. How can your services make this process less onerous for us? Transporting beds, furniture and clothes alone can be overwhelming; I know I need assistance.

Leslie: Thank you, Olga. Moving can be an arduous task; our aim at Allied Van Lines is to reduce that stress for our customers. Although DIY moves might save money upfront, often the result of doing it yourself ends up creating additional work and stressors along the way. Opting for a full-service moving company such as ours may actually be more cost-effective and efficient. With more than 280 agents across North America and 88 years of experience, we understand the unique nature of Samantha’s move. At our moving company, our aim is to ensure a stress-free process for both Samantha and you. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, US military units, government agencies and institutions of higher learning. We prioritize safe delivery of belongings on time – with our expertise at hand, you can rest easy knowing Samantha’s items will arrive safely in Gainesville.

Host: That is comforting, Leslie. Protecting our belongings during this move is of the utmost importance, Kevin. Let’s turn now to Daniela’s move from Jacksonville to Tallahassee so she can study at archrival Florida State University. Having moved multiple times myself as an anchorperson and with regard to cost effectiveness: How can North American Van Lines make my next move more cost-effective without compromising quality?

Kevin: Olga, I understand the significance of cost-efficiency when planning multiple moves like yours. Do-it-yourself moving may appear cost-cutting at first, but when considering factors like truck rental, gas costs and parking permits the difference is often not significant. North American is a professional moving company offering professional services at reasonable rates and provides great peace of mind to their clients when moving them themselves. By choosing our services, you benefit from our years of experience and trustworthiness as a well-recognized brand – giving you peace of mind throughout the moving process.

From initial communications to understanding the volume and specific handling requirements for goods – everything will be taken care of for you by us. Our professional team handles the packing, loading, transportation and unloading of your belongings from start to finish. Additionally, they reassemble any disassembled items at their destination location. North American Van Lines has been honored as America’s most recommended moving company by Women’s Choice Award for six consecutive years. And won Newsweek’s Best Customer Experience Award in recognition of our dedication to creating an enjoyable moving experience, especially for moms like you. As a female-run van line, we understand the need for stress-free moving experiences for our clients – especially mothers!

Host: Thank you Kevin. It’s fantastic that North American Van Lines prioritizes customer satisfaction and offers an enjoyable moving experience for their customers. Allied has also proven itself reliable and professional as options for our viewers.

Before concluding our discussion, I want to express my pride at being part of the United States Moving Protection Organization (USMPO), like Leslie and Kevin. Our affiliation with this industry association serves as a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction and protection. Its members gain access to valuable resources that enable them to continuously enhance services while adhering to high levels of professionalism and ethical conduct.

Leslie and Kevin, could you share with our audience what membership in the USMPO means to you and your companies? How is joining this organization impactful to customer service and protection efforts?

Leslie: Thank you for acknowledging Allied Van Lines’ membership of the USMPO! It is truly an honor for Allied Van Lines to join such an esteemed organization. As membership reinforces our dedication to customer satisfaction and protection throughout their move process. As members, the USMPO provides industry standards as well as resources that allow us to enhance services further for customer benefit. While networking with like-minded professionals within our industry and sharing best practices to raise quality and ethical practices standards in moving.

Kevin: North American Van Lines is delighted to be an affiliate of the USMPO. As its dedication to customer protection aligns closely with our core values of transparency, integrity, and providing positive moving experiences for our customers. Additionally, as members we gain access to an abundance of resources that keep us abreast of industry regulations, customer rights, and emerging trends. Which helps us continuously enhance our services while guaranteeing their belongings are handled professionally and carefully.

Host: It is truly inspiring to witness how membership of USMPO strengthens your commitment to customer satisfaction. And protection, upholding its standards with such diligence is a testament to the outstanding services your companies provide their customers.

Remind our viewers that when selecting an affiliate of the USMPO like Allied. Or North American for their move, they can rest assured knowing they will be handled by professionals dedicated to keeping their possessions safe.

For more information about the USMPO and its member companies, please visit their official website at Thank you, Leslie and Kevin, for sharing your insights into excellence within the moving industry.

Stay tuned for more informative content from the USMPO! We thank our guest, Dr. Brian Coughlan.

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