Interview to Oluwaseun Osinowo ”United Van Lines, Van Operator of the Year 2023”.

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USMPO United Vane Lines

Interviewer (from USMPO): Good day, everyone. Today, on behalf of the United States Moving Protection Organization (USMPO), I have the privilege of interviewing Oluwaseun Osinowo, the United Van Lines Van Operator of the Year. Olu, thank you for joining us. Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background?

Oluwaseun Osinowo: Thank you for having me. My name is Olu Oshinawa, and I drive for Hilldrup Moving and Storage based in Stafford, Virginia. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and migrated to the United States with my parents 31 years ago when I was 17 years old.

Interviewer (from USMPO): That’s quite a journey. Now, could you share with us what you find most rewarding about your job as a van operator?

Oluwaseun Osinowo: The favorite part of the job for me is the sense of independence and the satisfaction we see in our customers. Our goal is to win them over and let them know that the company represented by that trailer is the best. Whether it’s a small studio apartment or a mansion, everyone receives the same care and treatment. I treat their house the way I want someone to treat my house.


Interviewer (from USMPO): That’s a commendable approach. So, what would you say is the most important aspect of your job?

Oluwaseun Osinowo: The easiest part of our job is also the most important part, which is simply being nice to people. No matter how the day started, if you can make a difference and leave with handshakes and hugs, it’s always a good feeling at the end of the day.

Interviewer (from USMPO): Wonderful. Now, could you share some insights into your preparation process for each job?

Oluwaseun Osinowo: Preparation is key for me. My day starts the day before. With the technology we have now, I can pull up the house and get an area view of the streets. In a way, I mentally walkthrough the house before I even arrive there.

Interviewer (from USMPO): That sounds like a thorough approach. Now, considering the current circumstances, how has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your work?

Oluwaseun Osinowo: The pandemic has certainly brought challenges. Right now, we have to wear masks, do extra cleaning, and ensure sanitization. However, we’ve done everything possible to prioritize safety for ourselves and our customers.

USMPO United Vane Lines (USMPO)

Interviewer (from USMPO): It’s great to hear that you’re taking all necessary precautions. Lastly, what advice would you give to younger individuals starting their career as van operators?

Oluwaseun Osinowo: For a younger person coming in, I would say make yourself available, stay healthy, eat right, and never show up late. Additionally, having the right people around you is crucial for success. I have a trainee, Sean, who has been with me for two and a half years. He’s almost ready to become a driver himself, and having him with me has been very beneficial. You can’t win awards like this by yourself.

Interviewer (from USMPO): Thank you for sharing your valuable insights and congratulations once again on being the United Van Lines Van Operator of the Year. We at the United States Moving Protection Organization recognize the huge contribution of United Van Lines to the industry. They consistently follow the universal moving protocol, and through exceptional operators like Oluwaseun Osinowo, they set a high standard for quality and customer satisfaction. We commend their dedication and the positive impact they bring to the moving industry. We wish Oluwaseun and United Van Lines continued success in their endeavors.

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