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Escrow Service
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General Summary
The USMPO is a trade organization serving the moving industry. Its main purpose is to protect shippers and certify carriers. The USMPO also collects commercial motor vehicle data to optimize the industry’s logistical processes and customer service.
For shippers, the USMPO provide’s access to a database of compatible carriers, based on realtime gps data, while tracking their shipment and reducing financial risk.
For carriers, the USMPO provides consultation, training, certifications, marketing tools, and customer feedback data in exchange for membership fees which are approved by the carrier to be collected as payments before being distributed to the carrier.

Understanding payment between shipper and carrier, and the USMPO’s role in disbursement of funds.

The USMPO provides a secure and reliable way to ensure that the shipper is protected from scams, fraud, and unethical sales tactics throughout the moving process. Shipper pays the carrier through the USMPO, the USMPO distributes funds to carrier. Quality control survey data is fed back to the carrier to improve their process customer service. The disbursement of funds are outlined below:

As part of the shipper pre-qualification process, before signing any agreement for moving services with a carrier, the shipper’s funds are verified through a 3rd party escrow provider. If the shipper chooses a USMPO member carrier and signs an agreement for moving services, funds are then released to the USMPO to distribute to the carrier based on the completion of services, contingent on shippers approval.

Payment milestones are set forth between the USMPO and the carrier to protect the shipper of household goods, and hold carriers accountable for following the best practices outlined by the USMPO carrier certification.

The money deposited into the escrow is released to the USMPO once the shipper signs a service agreement with the carrier . The USMPO is in charge of distributing the shipper’s payment to the carrier. The USMPO has a customer service survey at pickup and delivery, before distributing the funds to the carrier.
It is important to note that the USMPO is not a broker, nor provides moving services in any capacity. The shipper pays the carrier for moving services. The carrier receives payment through the USMPO. The USMPO does not get paid by the shipper. Once the funds are deposited into an escrow, the shipper is prequalified and made available to the most compatible carrier based on the GPS data of the USMPO.
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Breakdown of Disbursement of funds between Shipper, USMPO, and Carrier.

1. Once the shipper posts and registers their shipment with the USMPO, carriers with availability on matching or compatible routes are presented to the shipper.
2. The shipper can then reserve the carrier’s availability by depositing the standard pricing (base rate x cubic feet) into the USMPO’s escrow provider.
3. Once the funds are in escrow, the shipper can select an offer from the most compatible movers on route. Inventory is confirmed by the carrier and a service agreement is solidified between shipper and carrier.

4. Once the agreement between shipper and carrier is confirmed, the shipper releases funds to the USMPO for  disbursement to carrier.

5. The USMPO then distributes the payment to the carrier based on shippers approval and quality control surveys at both pickup and delivery. If the customer does not approve the service before it has been rendered, they can request for the funds to be reversed and refunded.
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Quick Answers

A trade organization that serves and protects consumers transporting household goods across state lines. Their efforts are carried out by connecting shippers with a certified network of household good carriers, more commonly referred to as long distance moving companies.

 To develop a universal moving process that optimizes route efficiency, eliminates fraudulent moving companies, and protects consumers engaged in the interstate shipping of household goods. 

USMPO is an independent trade organization created in response to the FMCSA’s request in improving cmv safety, identifying fraudulent moving companies and improving record keeping. Its purpose is to serve, protect, and educate consumers in the moving industry. The USMPO is a sovereign entity, separate from the DOT, FMCSA, and US Government.

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The USMPO is not a moving company. The USMPO is neither a carrier nor broker of household goods. The United States Moving Protection Organization (USMPO) is a trade organization that serves and protects consumers transporting household goods across state lines. Their efforts are carried out by auditing movers and gathering logistics data.

You can contact the USMPO by simply filling out the form to the left, or emailing us at For an expedited response, use the chat widget on the bottom right to connect with an available representative.

The USMPO is on standby to answer any questions in regards to your interstate move. We have developed an audited database of movers and standardized rates in efforts to provide consumers price transparency and assistance in determining the true cost of the loading, handling, and transportation of your items.

The U.S. Moving Protection Organization is headquartered in Washington, DC, with remote agents serving 48 states throughout the country.